Customer first, reputation win, quality and service quality.
As one of the leading high quality luggage suppliers in China, our company focuses on high quality PP luggage design and manufacturing. Every process is carefully polished to be excellence, creating the most outstanding quality.Our company has always insisted on the concept of "responsible for customers; service is supreme; responsible for employees; career planning, trickle home, socially responsible; to give back to society; the construction of country; long-term commitment to achieve customer satisfaction. Our company guidance is to realize staff's dream and let every people of our company proud! Our company is able to work for you to create an extraordinary life.
H2 luggage co., LTD, located in zhejiang taizhou waiwang industrial zone,is a collection of bags scientific research and development, production, sales integration of professional company, Products are exported to more than 30 countries around the world, well received by customers trust and recognition
Company's main products is PP zipper luggage, stick to the most sophisticated technology, the best quality raw materials, the most responsible attitude production each product, have a first-class equipment, first-class technology and a group of dynamic and innovative research and development personnel, to promote the steady and healthy development of enterprises.
Hand in H2 luggage will help you create a different future!
The company has always insisted that such a concept: responsible for the customer, service is supreme, responsible for employees, career planning, trickle home, socially responsible, to give back to society, the construction of country,Long-term commitment to achieve customer, company staff's dream for the greatest value guidance, let every hua-ou people proud!
With the aim of "High Quality, Customer First", our company has made unremitting scientific and technological innovation to further improve the quality of products and the content of science and technology and to join hands with our old and new customers to create resplendence together!